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First Time buyers, investors or any buyers in general; the most important thing when buying property in this unusual market, is to be careful and work with an informative, experienced and honest Realtor. Whether you are buying a standard sale from an owner, a Short Sale or a bank owned home, you need to know what would be your ramifications incase of something not going the way it was planned to.


There are many Real Estate transaction opens in Escrows every day; most of which never close. This is due to lack of information on buyers or sellers part, Realtors knowledge and even the Escrow Holder. The most important action we see in today’s market is OBTAINING A LOAN in a timely manner. This is one of the most common issues that typically results in the transaction falling out of escrow. When the escrow does not close in the scheduled time, there will be many legal issues and complications for all parties.


You can resolve this matter by calling me and making sure that you have a good loan in place before you start searching for a home, make an offer or start an escrow. You can be assured that you will be talking to the same person (me) from the beginning to the end. You will receive personal one to one attention in your Mortgage and your Real Estate part of the deal. Unlike large so called (Direct Lenders) you can take advantage of talking to your Realtor and Mortgage Broker at anytime during or after working hours. Your Escrow and your Seller and Seller’s Agent do not have to deal with several departments in the banks to get an answer about your loan process. I have history of closing all my purchase transactions on or before the time scheduled. You will have the least stress about closing on time or facing any possible legal costs due to buyers loan delays when you choose me as your Realtor & Loan Officer. Get started today by filling out the quick form below.

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